November 10, 2016

Project Description

What are the types of kitchen???

Kitchen- so simple word and simple to pronounce, but it’s not that simple to design a kitchen.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is a “work triangle”. This is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen design. The primary tasks carried out in a Kitchen is between cook top, sink and refrigerator so these are considered as imaginary points and with these points an imaginary triangle is made which is known as “Kitchen work triangle”. This concept is to make the Kitchen look comfortable to work in. The triangle when well designed ,the points are not too close or not too far so that the cooking becomes hassle free. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13 feet to 26 feet or 4m to 7.9m.

Basically KITCHEN are categorised according to shaped. Among them there is-

I- Shaped Kitchen
From the name itself it suggest that the shape is “I” letter. This means the cabinet and the slab is rested on a single wall. There is also another type in this category which is two parallel “I” shaped kitchen counters along two parallel walls.

2. U- Shaped Kitchen

We get to know from this that the shape of the kitchen must be U. The structure of the cabinet and slab is built resting on the three walls of the kitchen forming a U-shape.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen

These types of kitchens are built in two adjacent walls making the “L” shape. This is a very spacious kind of kitchen.

4. C-Shaped Kitchen

C-Shaped kitchens are among those curvy construction which gives a semi circular feel. Those who are fond of curves can make this “C” shape countered kitchen.

5. G-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen has cabinets along three walls, like the U-shaped kitchen and a partial fourth side cabinet usually with double sink forming a “G” shape.

6. Island kitchen

This is a kind of kitchen which has an island in between or at the end. The island may have the gas store or the sink or even it can be used as a preparation counter.